Airtel Free 3G/4G Internet Trick with WebTunnel VPN App and Trick to Solve Its Problems

You have a chance to use free 3G/4G internet from Airtel as long as you know Airtel free 3G/4G internet trick with WebTunnel VPN App. Just follow the steps below and enjoy your free internet access.

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Steps to get Airtel Free 3G/4G Internet

What you have to prepare is the WebTunnel VPN app and you can download it first. If you already have the WebTunnel VPN app, install and run it from your android device. The next step to do is setting the configuration. Let say, you have to enter or on the header host type. You may select any free server but free server 9 is recommended to select. You don’t need to fill anything or let it blank on the proxy host option. You also have to fill the host port and enter 80 on it. The last thing to do is entering SSL on the next column. When the steps are done, you can try to hit the connect button and if it is successful, you can enjoy free internet with WebTunnel VPN app. In specific, you can enjoy free Airtel 3G/4G internet connection from your Android device. The problem is that it is a limited free internet in which you can only enjoy up to 250mb free per day. One more thing you have to consider is on the balance deduction problem. To avoid this problem you just need to make sure that you have zero balance in your Airtel SIM.

WebTunnel Problem

There is a case that you find a problem while downloading WebTunnel. The most common problem is WebTunnel Server Full Error. Actually, it is not a serious problem because you can still continue to do Airtel free 3G/4G internet trick with WebTunnel VPN app. The best way is choosing different free server and reconnect the internet connection.

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Connection Problem

Besides facing WebTunnel problem, there is a case that are facing connection problem. Sometimes, you have to face sudden disconnecting problem and it is hard to reconnect. Actually, it is also a simple problem to solve because you just need to use default APN setting on your device such as airtel live or airtel gprs. Now, visit and it is directing you to Try reconnecting the internet connection and you can start to do your online activity just like before.

The point is that you are ale to do the Airtel free 3G/4G internet trick with WebTunnel VPN app easily. The most important thing, you can enjoy free internet with your Airtel SIM although it is limited.