3 Airtel Free Internet Tricks with UC Browser for Android

Using free internet by using Airtel for Android is possible to do. The most important thing, you have to learn the Airtel free internet trick with UC browser for Android. The list below is the trick to get free Airtel internet.

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Using Airtel UC Mini Android APK

Before starting the trick, you must make sure that your account and data balance are zero. It is very important to consider this to prevent balance deduction. Now, download Airtel UC Mini android APK. Just wait for a few minutes until the download process is done. When you get the Airtel UC Mini android APK, open the app and make sure that you don’t update the app. Find the menu bar and click the OK and continue buttons. That’s it! You can try to connect to internet and enjoy the free connection. Sometimes, you have to wait for about 1 up to 3 minutes before connecting to the internet but you don’t need to worry because later you can enjoy high speed internet to browse and download for free.

Using the Latest Airtel UC Handler

How about if the first trick above doesn’t work? You don’t need to worry because there is one more Airtel free internet trick with UC browser for Android you can do. The first thing to do is downloading Airtel free internet UC browser handler APK file. When the download process is done, install it through your android and run it. Find the menu bar and follow the configurations. First, you have to select the proxy type and choose real host or dual real host. Second, go to proxy server and enter one.airtel.in/net or m.airtellive.com. Just recheck and make sure that the configuration is right based on the instruction. When it is done, try to connect to internet and browse by using UC browser android app.

Using Airtel UC Handler for Blocked and Unblocked Airtel Sims

Just make sure that you are using default APN in your mobile by using airtelgprs.com. When it is done, start to download UC browser handler APK from your Android device. Install and run the app from your android and start to set the menu. First, choose real referrer for the referrer type. Second, choose no proxy for the proxy type and enter airtellive.com for the proxy server. Recheck the option and don’t forget to save the setting. To enjoy free internet connection open your default browser and go to Airtel free host address such as one.airtel.in orm.airtellive.com. To make it this Airtel free internet trick with UC browser for Android works, try to open Google first and it has to be done for 3 up to 5 times after that you don’t need to do it anymore. Now, you can enjoy your free internet connection.