Easy to Follow Trick to Get Free Internet on Airtel with Psiphon VPN

You should learn trick to get free internet on Airtel with Psiphon VPN before using internet. Interestingly, you will get the same speed and you can use it for browsing, downloading, uploading, and any kind of online activities.


One of important requirements you should consider before starting trick to get free internet on Airtel with Psiphon VPN is that you have to make sure that the Airtel SIM supports 3G access. Moreover, you also need to make sure that the SIM is in zero balance. If it is not yet, try to set your network into 3G only and make sure that the prepaid account is in zero balance. When the requirements are filled, you can start to do the trick and enjoy your free internet connection.

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Free Internet with Networking Free Airtel Homepage

First, set your phone in default APN as airtelgprs.com and then download the latest Psiphon handler from your android. Second, install the Psiphon handler, open the app, and follow specific configurations from handler menu. Third, follow the configuration such as giving tick mark on remove port column, set real proxy on the proxy type, enter X online host on the custom header, enter on proxy server field, and set no proxy on the proxy type. Fourth, recheck your setting and save the setting. Fifth, connect the internet and when it is successful you can enjoy free internet from Airtel with Psiphon VPN.

Free Internet with Psiphon Handler Airtel 3G

To use this trick to get free Internet on Airtel with Psiphon VPN, you have to download the Psiphon 82 handler first. When it is ready, you just need to install and run the app. Don’t forget to set the proxy type as real host and fill the proxy server column with m.airtellive.com, v.airtelworld.com, or on.airtel.in. Just save the setting and start to turn on the internet connection. Sometimes, you have to try to connect for a few times but after that you can enjoy free internet with Psiphon VPN.

Simple Trick to Get Free Internet with Psiphon

Go to Google Playstore and start to download Psiphon app. Now, install and open the app. Go to the options menu and choose more options. Try to tap on connect through http proxy and tap on use the following settings. Focus on the host address and enter airtellive.com. Don’t forget to enter 80 on the port. Go back to the beginning and connect Psiphon. That’s it! You are done the trick to get free internet on Airtel with Psiphone VPN. What you have to do is using free internet with 3G internet connection.