Working Glo Anonytun Settings For Free Unlimited Internet

Working Anonytun Settings For Glo Free Unlimited Internet – Hello guys, I came back with a free internet trick. Free Internet will be run using Anonytun VPN for Glo provider. I will share how Anonytun’s settings allow you to access unlimited browsing at full speed. You can also download large files without disconnected connections.

Setting Anonytun VPN is very easy, you do not need config or SSH account. You just need to configure payload for Glo to be used for free internet. However, it is better if you try with Glo that Zero balance to avoid taking the balance unnoticed.

Trick setting Anonytun VPN for Glo is perfect for all countries. Okay, let’s go to the steps.

Working Anonytun Settings For Glo Free Unlimited Internet

The first step, change the default APN on Android phone with APN GLO for free internet like the following parameters:

  • Name :
  • APN : glosecure
  • Proxy : Not set
  • Port : Not set
  • Username : secure
  • Password : scure
  • APN Type : Default

Glo Anonytun Settings :

1. Download Anonytun VPN from Google Play. Then run Anonytun VPN on your phone

2. On the Anonytun dashboard click Stealth Settings and enable Stealth Tunnel

3. Change Connection Protocol to HTTP

4. Input Connection port: 8081

5. Enable Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

6. Next click EDIT CUSTOM TCP/HTTP HEADERS then configure with parameters below:

  • URL/Host : /
  • Request method : GET
  • Injection method : Normal
  • Query Method : –
  • Extra Headers : Check (Tick) “User Agent”, “Forward Host” and “Keep-Alive”. Next click Generate and Save.

7. Go back to the main page and click Connect.

Wait a moment until Anonytun VPN is connected. Then you will get unlimited free internet. Let Anonytun run in the background while you are browsing.