Idea Free Internet Opera Mini Handler Trick: Unlimited Browsing and Downloading 2018

Hi, welcome back to the free internet trick special page. This time, another trick will be shared to all of you is the Idea free internet Opera Mini Handler trick. Some of you may have heard already about the Idea internet but not the trick to get the unlimited free internet connection. That’s why, don’t miss this trick and try it yourself to enjoy free internet and reduced phone bill.

Already tested in New Delhi, this trick works 100% without any problem. Even more, it is fully unlimited without bandwidth of data usage. And, the internet connection comes with high speed so you can be sure to stream and browse without any delays. And of course, this trick is very easy to follow and apply. There will be no issues during the activation even though it may be your first time.

Here is another great part of this free connection. It allows you to browse and download anything without any limitation. Not only does it work on 3G network but also the 2G and 4G Idea network. In other words, it basically works anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to worry about finding certain network just to get it work. Can’t wait anymore? Check out and follow the step by step guide below.

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Guide to Activation

1. Create a new APN. To do this, you have to access Phone Settings, open the Network Settings, open APN and choose New APN. The setting may be a bit different in certain devices. It is okay as long as you can create new APN

2. Do the exact configuration below on new APN

  • APN : Internet
  • Port : 80
  • Proxy : server4.operamini.comor

3. Download the Idea Opera Mini Handler on the Link

4. Install the Opera Mini Handler

5. Do the particular configuration below:

  • Proxy Server : –
  • Give Proxy type : HTTP

6. Save the new settings

7. Your activation is completed and you can now enjoy free unlimited Idea internet connection 24/7

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The activation takes only a few minutes to complete so it won’t be long for you to get the free internet. If the activation is not successful, repeat the whole process and it should be alright. Once the free internet is on, enjoy your time being connected all the time anywhere. However, if your device is not an Android-based device like an iPhone, unfortunately this trick will not work.