Vodafone Free 3g Internet Proxy Handler Trick

Having a Vodafone means you may use the Vodafone free 3G internet proxy handler trick to get the free internet. What’s better than a free internet, right? Well, although some of you may not understand what proxy actually means but this trick is easier than you thought. With a few steps, you will have full access to free internet and enjoy the entertainment 24 hours.

For your information, regardless of in which states you live in, this trick will always work. Even in Kerala, this trick works totally 100% without any issues. Here is another great thing about this trick. Once you have done with the activation, you can get fully unlimited internet service and use it for any purpose you have. You can open YouTube, browse or stream any videos through various websites and applications.

Unlike other tricks like TCP, UDP and similar VPN tricks, this trick will not easily get blocked. In fact, it can last much longer. But there is one thing you should do first to make sure this trick works. Change the proxy address. Don’t worry even if you don’t know what proxy is because you just need to follow the steps that take only a few minutes to complete.

Steps to Activation

  1. Go to your phone Settings, open Mobile Network, open Access Points Name
  2. Then, add the following setting
    Port : 80
    Proxy address :
    APN : www
    Name : Vodafone free 3G trick
  3. Download the Opera Handler or UC Handler
  4. Finish the installation of Opera or UC Handler on the phone
  5. Open the Opera or UC Handler
  6. Select the proxy server: omi.vodafone.com and proxy type: HTTP
  7. Save the setting
  8. Continue by connecting to internet
  9. Enjoy the unlimited free 3G internet whenever and wherever you want

This trick only works for Android devices so if you use other devices like iPhone, it doesn’t work. So, if you insist on getting the free internet, you may need to change your device. There is one more information. To make sure the activation successful, you should maintain the minimum balance of 10 paisa. If not, you cannot activate the free internet.

Now that you have free 3G internet 24 hours with unlimited access working on your phone, your phone bill will certainly be much lower. And that’s definitely a good thing to save some of your money while keeping you connected to the world.